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Balcony glazing

Glazing protects your balcony against rain, wind and dust. Balcony glazing saves you heating costs and helps diminish the street noise. The balcony glazing has no vertical profiles and opens fully, so it doesn’t change the outward look of your house. The balcony glazing system is composed of the top and the bottom aluminium profile, which are powder-painted.

The glass used in our balcony glazing is 6 or 8 mm thick toughened glass with polished edges; the glass panes are fastened into the profiles with rivets and this makes the product even stronger. The use of safety glass in balcony glazing systems makes the product safer and more reliable. Only toughened glass is allowed to be used for balcony glazing, as this glass turns into crumbles when breaking.

A nice and tidy balcony makes every façade more beautiful, adding variety and dynamics. Unfortunately, due to our climate, the part of the year when a balcony is useful is relatively short. The balcony glazing systems offered by us make balconies useful for a much larger part of the year and increase their level of comfort, even giving the balconies a markedly more exclusive look. In short – our balcony glazing systems make balconies more beautiful and more functional.

OÜ Rõduklaasid is the Estonian representative of one of the largest manufacturers of balcony systems in Europe. The products have a history of 20 years of product development. This allows providing optimum technical support for balcony systems and ensures favourable delivery times. By offering our clients a full solution, i.e. the balcony balustrade with the glazing and installation, we take full responsibility for the product and work quality and relieve the clients from any possible headaches of later problems.

The full service includes the following

  • Consultation
  • Price quote
  • Measuring the site
  • Preparing work drawings
  • Manufacturing the products
  • Installing the products
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance if necessary

There are several reasons to prefer our balcony glazing systems

The rollers of the slide-open mechanisms of balcony glazing move on ball bearings (unlike those offered by our competitors).

Up to 95 cm wide glass panes can be used – this adds a spacious air to the balcony and makes cleaning the glass easier.

Glass panes are fastened to the frames with rivets, so the product is even stronger.

For example, we are using specially processed aluminium for the balcony balustrades – unlike steel, this material doesn’t rust and thus retains its proper look and reliability for years to come.

The visual and technical solutions of balcony balustrades set no limits for the fantasy of private clients or architects – they offer various visual options.

How balcony glazing opens?


Profiles used by us are 100% aluminium profiles, processed according to GSB requirements and coated with powder paint according to RAL colour catalogue. This ensures that the profiles look good for years to come.

Glass panes used for moving glazing are 100% toughened glass. The vertical and horizontal edges of the glass panes are bevelled. The toughened glass has CE marking and conforms to the standard EN12150. Toughened glass can be transparent or in various tones.

Sliding mechanisms are made of plastic and metal and always include ball bearings that make the sliding of the glass panes remarkably smooth and efficient.

Seals are made as rubber, PVC or brush seals and they are all used for the sliding panes.