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Thermal measurement results

One of the arguments for usefulness of balcony glazing is that it saves the heating energy of the home. To prove this, we conducted an infrared thermography of a balcony wall before and after glazing, with the help of the specialists from OÜ Rosenberg Energeetika.

The measurement was performed by Tanel Einaste from the company OÜ Rosenberg Energeetika.

The thermal camera Flir ThermaCAM E45 was used for the measurement.

The measurement results were processed and visualised with the help of the software Flir ThermaCAM Reporter Basic.

Unglazed balcony

Outdoor temperature 0ºC

Wall temperature 4.3ºC

Glazed balcony

Outdoor temperature 0ºC

Wall temperature 2.8ºC

Soojapidavus Soojapidavus

The results of the measurement indicated that the wall temperature differed by a total of 1.5ºC. Although this may seem a small amount at first, in reality this amounts to 7.5% of the actual heating costs in real life. As heating costs are increasing all the time, this is quite a large sum.

It also considerable reduces the formation of condensate and mould on the indoors walls.