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Balcony balustrades

For those who don’t want to glaze the full balcony for some reason, we offer glazed balcony balustrades. A glazed balcony balustrade makes it safe to be on the balcony, while at the same time giving a modern and spacious image. The visual and technical solutions of balcony balustrades set no limits to the fantasy of clients and architects, offering virtually limitless options. The balustrades are manufactured utilising decades of experience of the Finnish engineers.

Balcony balustrades made of aluminium profiles are lightweight and don’t rust. The balustrades are made form start to finish in our production, so the on-site installation works are quick and don’t cause any delays or headaches for the client.

Balcony balustrades can be made with or without glazing, and glass can be substituted with sheet metal, plastic, temps board, façade boards – almost anything that is normally used for covering balcony balustrades; the actual selection is made by the client, of course.


Profiles, used by us are 100% aluminium profiles, processed according to GSB requirements and coated with powder paint according to RAL colour catalogue. This ensures that the profiles look good for years to come.

Glass panes, used for balustrade glazing can be laminate glass or toughened glass. The vertical and horizontal edges of the glass panes are bevelled. Toughened glass has CE marking and conforms to the standard EN12150. There are many options for the final look of the glazing – matte, coloured, toned, transparent, patterned glass.

Seals, are made as rubber, PVC or brush seals and they are all used for the balcony balustrades.